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How to use CNC machine reasonably

Numerically controlled machine tools are products that use high-tech products such as computers, active control, active detection, and precision machinery. They are typical mechanical and electrical integration processing equipment with high technical intensity and high degree of initiative. Compared with ordinary machine tools, its superiority is obvious.It not only has high machining accuracy of parts, stable product quality, but also has a high degree of initiative.It can reduce the manual labor intensity of workers and greatly advance the output power.It is particularly worth mentioning. NC machine tools can complete the machining of chaotic curved surfaces that are difficult for general machine tools or cannot be processed. Therefore, the position of NC machine tools in the machinery manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly important. But we must soberly realize that whether the above-mentioned advantages of CNC machine tools can be achieved depends on whether the operator can use them properly and correctly in production. Let's talk about the matters needing attention in the use of CNC machine tools from the perspective of the operator to ensure that the superiority of CNC machine tools can be brought into full play.
Inductive nature of forward operators
The use of CNC machine tools is more difficult than the use of general machine tools, because CNC machine tools are typical mechatronic products, and it involves a wide range of knowledge, that is, operators should have a wider range of professional knowledge such as machine, electricity, fluid, and gas. Therefore, the essential requirements imposed on the operator are very high. At present, a phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that there are more and more users of CNC machine tools, but the utilization rate of machine tools is not high. Of course, sometimes the production tasks are not full, but there is a more important factor: the nature of CNC operators is not high enough. I do n’t know how to deal with some problems, especially for newly purchased machine tools. Due to the quality of electronic components and the impact of vibration and other factors during transportation, the CNC system shows some problems within 3 to 6 months of formal production. It is not found in the repair manual, or may never have been encountered before. This requires the user to have a high nature, be able to deal with problems calmly, have a clear head, and have a strong on-site judgment ability. Of course, he should also have a solid CNC basics, etc. Under normal circumstances, newly purchased machine tool bed manufacturers will provide users with opportunities for technical training. Although the time is not long, they are highly targeted. Users should pay attention to them, and the personnel sent should include future machine tool operators. It is not a one-time, two-time thing for the operator to summarize the essential progress, but it must be grasped for a long time. It should be continuously piled up in future applications. There is also a method that is worth trying is to visit some old users of similar machine tools. They have strong practice Experience, most have the right to speak, they can beg their help, let them carry out the necessary training for the operator, this is the most useful way to advance the nature of the operator in a short time.
Follow correct operating procedures
Regardless of the machine tool, it has its own set of operating procedures. It is not only one of the important measures to ensure the safety of operators, but also an important measure to ensure the safety of equipment and product quality. It is necessary for the operator to operate correctly in accordance with the operating procedures. If the machine tool is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time, let it idle for a few minutes. Pay attention to the sequence of power-on and power-off during the application (such as manual operation after power-on (Or use program instructions to actively return to the reference point), these should especially attract the attention of beginners, because they lack corresponding training in operation, and often make simple mistakes in this regard.
Create a good operating environment
With the advancement of science and technology, in general, the operating environment of CNC machine tools has no stringent requirements, and can be placed in the production workshop like ordinary machine tools. Having said that, because CNC machine tools contain many electronic components, they are most afraid of direct sunlight, humidity and dust, vibration, etc., which can cause the electronic components to be corroded or damaged or cause short circuits between components. Causes the machine tool to run abnormally. These are usually taken care of when the machine tool is installed. For users, it is mainly to pay attention to the maintenance of the surrounding environment, such as rainy days, we must pay attention not to bring umbrellas to the production site, change shoes, etc.
Go forward as much as possible
After the purchase of CNC machine tools, if its operating rate is not high, not only will the funds invested by users not be able to play a role in re-production, there is also a worrying issue. It is likely that the equipment needs to pay due to the warranty period Additional repair costs, because newly purchased equipment has a certain period of warranty period. From past experience, CNC equipment often has a relatively large fault rate in the early stage of operation. Users should make full use of the machine tool during this period. Make its weak links exposed as early as possible and be handled during the warranty period. Production tasks are usually short and can not be used in leisure. This is not a care of the equipment, but because it is not used for a long time, it may accelerate the deterioration or damage of electronic components due to moisture and other reasons. The operator should turn on the power at regular intervals for about 1 hour each time, and use the heat generated when the machine is running to remove or reduce the humidity in the machine.