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Basic knowledge of CNC machine tool processing

Any technology has technical terms, and CNC machine tools are the same. First of all, numerical control technology is digital control technology English Numerical Contronl Technology, so the English name of numerical control is NC, often seeing CNC on the machine tool indicates that the machining center machine tool is different from CNC Machine tools (without tool magazines), there are also ordinary machine tools that have neither tool magazines nor numerical control. Generally speaking, ordinary machine tools that are not suitable for programming can be divided into CNC and CNC machine tools by program control.
The above explained the classification of machine tools

NC programming is divided into manual programming and automatic programming. Manual programming refers to the steps from part pattern analysis, process processing, numerical calculation, writing of the program to program verification, etc., which are performed manually. This method is suitable for situations where the shape of the part is not complicated and the processing program is short. Parts with non-circular curves, list surfaces, and combined surfaces, or long programs are suitable for automatic programming.
Automatic programming is the entire process of obtaining the NC machining program from the design model of the part, and its main task is to calculate the tool position during the machining pass to generate the CL data file.
The main contents of NC programming are: analysis of part drawings, process processing, numerical processing, writing of processing program sheets, input of NC system, program inspection and trial cutting.
In order to produce more standard-compliant products, you can choose the appropriate processing type according to the part structure, processing surface shape, and processing accuracy requirements.