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3D scanner assists product modeling

In production processing, for products that cannot be modeled with accurate mathematical models, scanning reverse engineering is a good solution. To this end, Top CNC provides a set of NC 3D scanning systems consisting of scanners, NC software and NC machines, which not only solves the problem of difficult modeling, but also can quickly process models or products.

Introduction to CNC scanning system

The scanner supporting the system is a three-dimensional laser scanner with a scanning speed of 3000 points / second, high scanning accuracy, less than 0.003mm error, and no scanning dead angle on the straight side wall, which is very suitable for large-format and surface relief-rich scanning.

Features of CNC scanning system

By analyzing the characteristics of the scanner's point cloud data, combined with the application needs of the engraving industry, we carried out supporting software development work, and realized a seamless connection with its scanned point cloud data in JDsoft ArtForm software, which can be directly read in the software The point cloud data of the scanner, and smooth, denoise, and sample the point cloud data to generate processing tool paths. The CNC scanning system has the following four characteristics:

01 relief scan

The advantages of the CNC scanning system when scanning large-format reliefs and rich and detailed surface reliefs are reflected in the following two aspects:
The scanning head has high scanning accuracy. With a 16 focal length lens, the step in the XY direction can be as small as 0.008mm to ensure clear edges. The straight side walls below 85 degrees can be correctly taken to ensure accurate data.
JDSoft ArtForm software can directly read the scanned point cloud data and reconstruct a rectangular grid without any loss of accuracy. 64-bit NC software can handle very large relief models with up to 100 million vertices, and provides a variety of editing functions such as leveling, conformal denoising and so on.

02 Hierarchical Scan

When small samples with fine surface details require fine scanning, a lens group with a smaller focal length is usually selected, but when the model height is greater than the effective scanning depth of the lens, only one layer of effective scanning data can be obtained in one scan. The layer scan obtains the complete data of the sample, and then uses the related functions in the NC software to restore the complete model. That is, the application range of the high-precision scan head is expanded through the use of skills and software functions.

03 Rotary Scan

When the sample is a type of rotating body, it can be fixed to the axis of the CNC machine for scanning, that is, the multi-face scanning and splicing of 3D objects is simplified into a relief scan, and then the relevant functions of the JDsoft ArtForm software are used to accurately restore the data scanned by the axis to 3D objects. There is no data splicing in the whole process, and there is no loss of accuracy in the splicing process!

043D object scan

For common 3D objects, multifaceted scanning is usually performed first, and then point cloud processing, triangulation faceting, stitching, mesh editing, and mesh model splitting are performed in JDsoft ArtForm software. Reverse process!

At present, dozens of users have selected CNC 3D scanning systems and successfully applied them in production activities, mainly distributed in wood carving, teeth, badges, tiles, jade carvings, handicrafts, hardware, Buddha statues, skin patterns and other industries. Customers who need molds go to Top CNC for free scanning modeling and proofing.